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Space Tech Summit Welcomes Global Innovators for Digital Perspective Series- Meet John Moody

About Space Tech Summit: 

The Space Tech Summit brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs, pioneers, and creatives under one roof to address humanity’s grandest challenges via space technology. The summit also serves to bring key stakeholders that will accelerate both the exploration and the expansion of space into mainstream audiences.

100 Global Speakers will provide vast perspectives on the future of space tech and humanity. Check out 50 of or digital keynotes and meet 50 thought leaders at #spacetechsummit.

Space Tech Summit Welcomes Global Innovators for Digital Perspective Series- Meet John Moody

Space Tech Summit Welcomes Global Innovators for Digital Perspective Series- Meet John Moody

Posted by Space Tech Summit on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

John Moody CEO of www.moodyspacecentre.com

Moody Space Centre Proposal, is a proposal to the Australian Federal and State Government to develop a commercial Australian Space Industry, micro launch pad and research centre in, Queensland, Australia, seeking Australian government funding and assistance. Aiming to bring together a group of International and local space/technology/defence sector companies and government organisations interested in operating in Australia at such a Centre. We would provide launch, satellite and infrastructure technology services, conduct environmental and space based research, offer STEM educational experiences, conduct space tourism, aerospace, advanced electronics, intelligence gathering, remote sensing, electronic warfare and information communication technology, supply, build, manufacture and export satellite and rocket parts in an efficient supply line, using existing road, rail, air and deep sea ports. We aim to launch our First Satellite, The MSC-Allison1 in late 2018 with Interorbital Systems.

Country Representation: Australia



Why Space Tech Summit:

Today there are over 88+ annual conferences for space experts and potential enthusiasts. Yet as space becomes a more relevant part of our future reality- the ecosystem continues to gather only space experts, astronauts and researchers. What happened to the creatives, entrepreneurs, authors, actors, athletes and other ecosystem builders of society? We hope it will be you! Whether you are a leader within the space ecosystem or someone who has never been apart of the conversation- this event will bring together a new gathering of influencers to change the narrative around humanity’s race for space. The top billionaires, celebrities and government officials will gather to discuss how you can revive the global space race by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Drones, Robotics, Nano tech, and other exponential technologies. Start your year by being a part of a unique gathering.  The event will host speakers from Google, X-Prize, IBM, NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, Amazon and more. Over 40+ media representatives from Space News, Forbes, Bloomberg, Wired Magazine, Tech Crunch and more will also be in attendance.

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