Welcome to Space Tech Summit 2018!

Join a historic gathering of innovators and influencers at the world’s first global space tech summit. We will share the top exponential technologies, investors and innovators that is moving the space industry forward. Each day ends with facilitated partnership roundtables meetings. So come learn, connect, and accelerate your place in history!


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Why Attend

Make Meaningful Partnerships

Join industry and interest segmented roundtable sessions in the evening.

All attendees will have the opportunity to rotate to different intimate 15 people roundtables to connect with speakers and build partnerships.

Connect with sponsors, exhibitors and startups during moderated lunch networking sessions.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your work in the industry via moderated lunch sessions.

Get featured in our media networks for your work in the industry.

Attendees have within 48 hours post the summit to send us their press release announcements to be shared across our networks.

Hear Insights from 100 Global Speakers!

Part 1:
How Space Can Save Humanity

Learn about the relevancy of space today and the innovative approaches entrepreneurs and scientists are taking to make a positive impact on humanity and the universal ecosystem.

Part 2:
The Space Ecosystem Network

Learn how to make meaningful connections and impact within the space industry. From space experts, to media influencers, to event organizers and community facilitators- we share the top aims and strategies of space ecosystem builders.

Part 3:
Becoming a Spacefaring Civilization

Learn about the latest developments on space settlement plans from top companies, government officials and scientists. We share the top ways citizens can prepare for space travel and habitation within the next decade.

Part 4:
To Exponential

Learn about the exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and nano technology- that are accelerating space tech developments today.

Join A Global Network of Space Innovators!

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